Dvla new log book needed

If your car is being recycled at one of our centres, we will notify dvla ourselves and issue you with a certificate of destruction. Change vehicle details on a v5c registration certificate log book. Or with the relevant section of the old v5 for new keepers. If you did not get a log book for your new vehicle. Your v5 will be sent to dvla, swansea for the new registration to be put on and then returned direct to you. In order to complete the transfer of ownership online, you will need the 11digit reference number from the vehicles v5c registration document also known as the logbook.

It will ask for the 11digit reference number from the vehicle log book, called the v5c. The ultimate guide to your v5 log book 2020 update. P, do the dvla know you moved or is the car still registered to you and your old address. Dvla logbook v5c changes in ownership, address or status. The v5c document formerly v5, commonly known as a vehicles log book, is the registration certificate for uk vehicles. Im going on holiday to france next tuesday and ive looked at what ill need to take and one of the required documents is the v5c. A similar process also applies if you did not get a v5c logbook with a new vehicle. The car was exported from the uk new 11 months ago, and i need to uk register it again to bring it back and trade it in, but when i give the vin to. To drive using the driver app, you are required to upload certain documents to get your account set up. We ensure that good driving standards are promoted throughout the country and promote the best practices for licensing drivers and vehicles. I received my new red v5c 3 weeks after you, i thought it was a scam too. Change your address or name on your vehicle log book v5c. The tale goes, on moving in with my partner i needed to transfer our vehicle to her address and also into her name as she is the main driver, i could not find the v5 form so used a v62 form ticking the box that. They must give you the full log book v5c and not send it to dvla.

No log book or tax on car, help needed digital spy. You need to tax a used vehicle before you can use it on the road. Dvla v5c logbook enquiries 0843 903 3770 uk contact number. Once a car has been sold or changed ownership, you can also notify the dvla without needing the v5 if. If so then youll need apply for a new log book in your new address which will take a few weeks, unless. The v5c2 slip is the part from the current log book that the previous owner rips off and gives to you as your temporary log book until the full log book arrives with the new keeper details on. Own a car, and youll have a registration document that proves it.

To change your address on the v5, you need to complete your new house. If you have the older style log book, make sure you dont tick the new keeper box or fill in your name. If you realise youve lost your v5c or it has been stolen or become badly torn or stained, you can apply for a new one by calling the dvla on 0300 790 6802, as long as youre the registered. How to sell a car without a v5c logbook 2020 update. Both parties should sign the declaration in section 8. The v5c is a paper document issued by the dvla to the registered keeper of a vehicle and is used to confirm proof of ownership and the. Apply for your first provisional licence apply now. Scrapping your car if youre looking to scrap your car, you will need to inform the dvlayou could be fined up to. At the same time, the seller should give the buyer the new keepers details slip, known as v5c2 part of the log book. I purchased my car in jan and as i cant find the v5c i. No v5c and travelling to france overclockers uk forums. Just send your original blue logbook with a covering letter to dvla, swansea, sa99 1ba. Issued by the dvla, your v5c registration certificate or logbook is the most. You need to get a log book v5c if the original has been lost, stolen, damaged or.

Has been converted to kombi with 2 side windows, tailgate window and now has 6. You may apply over the phone by dialing 0844 448 5990 dvla number or send form v62 in order to get a valid replacement v5c vehicle registration certificate log book. Registering your self converted van as a campervan on the v5. However, if you need to have your new plates made up, you can go ahead once you have received your new log book v5c or using your v750v778 certificate at a dvla approved number plate supplier. How to get a replacement vehicle log book using form v62.

Dvla send the v5c registration certificate log book once it. Dvla contact number new buildings bt47 0844 448 5990. Tell dvla youve sold your vehicle or transferred it to a new registered keeper owner. The initial registration and licensing of vehicles and motorcycles can be undertaken at any post office. It can take up to 6 weeks to get the replacement log book by post. It is a legal requirement that all uk registered vehicles are classified correctly on the v5c log book. The new keeper will get an email confirmation and a new log book within 5 working days.

Your current body type must be one of the applicable body types as above if you have a new style v5c with multicoloured numbered blocks on the front cover, fill in section 1. How to reregister as a motor caravan with the dvla. This document is used by the dvla to keep track of any changes during a vehicles. You cannot use this service if youve already sent your log book v5c by post.

Vehicle registration document v5c if you intend to sell an end of life vehicle elv and you dont have the log book, you need to read this. Dvla logbook check v5c logbook checks before buying a. Updating information is quicker online, but you still need your v5c log book information. Vehicle registration document log book scrapping your car. Download and fill in an application for a log book v62. How to transfer ownership of your vehicle guide corner. Replace a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed licence apply now. Renew your driving licence 10 year replacement apply now. A guide to the new v5c vehicle registration document. When you buy a car second hand the seller of the car will give you the logbook v5c certificate when you buy a car second hand the seller of the car will give you the logbook v5c certificate, use the v5c2.

After a conversion with the dealers, it turned out they had taken the car in. Send it to dvla with the green new keeper slip you were given when you. As the document states, it is not proof of ownership. The vehicles log book v5c or green new keeper slip with a completed v62 application for a vehicle registration certificate v5c if youre assigning the number to someone elses vehicle, add them as a. The v5c is issued by dvla to the registered keeper of a vehicle. Dvla offroad system seriously offmessage the register.

The v5c or logbook holds all the ownership info for your vehicle. This meant the dvla logbook needed checking a second time as it was likely to be fraudulent. As a rule, the driver and vehicle licensing agency inspect vehicles before issuing new registrations. It shows who is responsible for registering and taxing the vehicle. I tried to apply for a new v5 but since the car hadnt been on the road for 25 years, it only had the old green logbook. Upon your logbooks arrival at the dvlas swansea office, a team will look at your request, make any needed changes, and or send you new versions of the documentation, if necessary. John and james were both extremely helpful, i had an issue with my log book and had to request a copy. Welcome to the driver and vehicle licensing authority. Goods vehicles and public passenger vehicles are subject to testing prior to registration. The dvla say they will issue everyone that owns a ca a new red log book by august 2012.

The duty on me to ensure that the v5c is correct is established here. Step by step guide on telling dvla youve sold your car. All campervans, motor caravans and motorhomes fall into the dvla category of motor caravan. I have just bought a car, but it has no log book or tax, i ive just look around the dvla site and as far as i can see. Find out everything that there is to know about your dvla logbook. Refer to the information below when uploading each document. How to register your vehicle and the cost new registrations, kit cars, rebuilds, radically altered vehicles. You can also inform the dvla that youve sold your car, or transferred or bought another vehicle online. Dvla processes and regulations guide private number. Registration certificate v5c log book the seller will complete section 6 new keeper or new namenew address details of the v5c.

I already have a brand new vin plate, it just needs to be stamped up when i find out the number i need. Dvla new registrations process new registrations fee. If you dont receive your ved reminder and cant find your log book my paperwork system is haphazard at best or have an old style log book for a vehicle that has been off the road since before. Whether its your log book or your driving licence, we can help you. If your vehicle taxes are due within the next 4 weeks, pay your. The legal time in any registration transfer to actually. Youre in the middle of an important application and you need your. Once complete youll then need to send it to the dvla with a cheque or postal order payable to dvla, swansea. Dvla logbook, explained v5c logbook, change of address. You need to replace a vehicle log book or v5c if the original got damaged, lost, or stolen. Dvla mot 100e help needed just as background the computerised mot set up was brought in as part of the governments anti car crime initiative and runs a seperate system to the dvla. If you are looking to replace a damaged or lost logbook, you will be required to pay a. Hi guys, new t6 owner here, ive just got my hands on my new ride, t6 kombi.

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